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Feb 2, 2019

We lost 2 weeks to the flu, had ridiculous weather, lost our voices, encountered technical problems that destroyed this week's episode, SO Mells called in wanting to do a Ted Talk. No, not *that* Ted Talk, a Ted BUNDY talk. With all the Bundy Bunches out there, we thought we'd take this opportunity to get together for a rando chitty chat about The Ted Bundy Tapes documentary, the new Ted Bundy movie and even threw some "You" (Netflix/Lifetime series) comparisons in there. WE HAVE SPOILERS if you haven't seen it!

It's just Sandwich and Mells because it's been -55 here in Minneapolis and Sweatshirt couldn't make it. :( 

Come hang out with the Bundy Bunch, say hi to sweet Mells and let us Talk Ted to ya while you wait for our regularly scheduled episode with Sweatshirt, Sandwich and Acadia!